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                           Information about Memorial stones for the area where your loved ones ashes are buried

                                                                 (pertaining to St James Church)

  The time has come when you may be considering a memorial stone for  the area where your loved ones ashes are buried.. When somebody we care about deeply dies, we naturally want to remember him or her in a way that is appropriate and dignified. What would be the right choice? Will the memorial still seem appropriate-and dignified-twenty years later? Who will maintain it? What is allowed?

The ashes are buried in  a part of  a Church of England Churchyard and there are some rules that need to be respected. The care of the churchyard rests with the Vicar and the Parochial Church Council. The Chancellor of the Diocese has legal authority over it. Therefore, you will understand there are some points that we would like you to consider.

It is the Vicar who will advise you on what kind of memorial stone is suitable in this churchyard. We ask that a stone is used that would be in harmony with the Church building and the Churchyard. Each plot is only 2’ square. Anything outside that belongs to the general Churchyard.

Secondly, keeping the Churchyard looking dignified and attractive is very costly both in time and money. This is why we state that any extra ornaments are absolutely not allowed. This includes balloons, windmills, toys,etc, as this makes maintenance difficult and can cause health and safety problems for those working in the Churchyard.One vase of fresh flowers per plot is allowed and these should be removed when dead.

If the Vicar decides that he cannot agree to the memorial  you wish to have  then you may ask the Vicar to refer his decision to the Archdeacon in the first instance. If the Archdeacon is unwilling to give a decision, the final authority lies with the Chancellor of the Diocese………………  Contact Rev Dave Bishop for any further information phone no 01543 372187

    For more information  go to  the Diocese of Lichfield  website