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Welcome to St James Church Brownhills with Ogley Hay

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.“  1 Corinthians 13 v 13

What is love and how can we demonstrate it. A recent article in the magazine of the Evangelical Alliance suggests 5 ways we can show love in society today.

  1. Love you neighbour: It is not just the people who live next door to us but any person we come across in our daily lives. This could be the postal worker, person walking the dog, bus driver, work colleague, friend and those people you bump into at the supermarket. And we can show love in the way we speak to and interact with them. Do we smile at the busy checkout operator, do we thank the bus driver and do we bid good morning to the person walking the dog?
  2.  Listen: We live in an age of mass and instant communication, with so much of it putting demands on our attention, We can have many ‘friends’ on social media and yet still feel very lonely. One thing that many people crave is actually for someone to listen to them and hear their story. We can show love in this case by actively listening, being patient and allow times of silence. We can be so quick to jump in with words of advice (and all very well meaning) when what the person needs is time and space to talk and formulate their thoughts and feelings.
  3. Love your civic leaders: There is a lot that we take for granted in our country, from road maintenance, schools, hospitals, healthcare, graveyard maintenance and so much more. All these are possible because there are still those people who willingly offer up their time and skills for the good of us all. Do we thank them and show appreciation, rather than always moaning and complaining? A simple thank you is so simple yet so powerful in building up and affirming each other.
  4. Love you local charity: Charities perform an amazing service in this country from cancer research to foodbanks to caring for the elderly. Supporting these charities, either by donating items for sale, food donations and raising money all demonstrate our appreciation and commitment for all they do.
  5. Pray for your neighbour: It is amazing how much people value prayer, even when they don’t profess a faith. This very simple act can make a huge difference, it shows we care, that God cares and prayer does works. It is actively bringing God into everyday lives.

So there we have it, 5 ways to show love in society today. If you would like to see this article, written by Roger Sutton, director of Gather UK, (published in the July/August 2017 issue of IDEA) then please let me know.

With every blessing for the summer,     Dave Bishop (Revd)