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Welcome to St James Church Brownhills with Ogley Hay

“You are witnesses of these things.” Luke 24 v 48

The events of Easter have been both, exciting and mind-blowing. We are now at the point in the story when we reflect on the reactions of the Disciples to these amazing events.

The Disciples on the Road to Emmaus, are sad and grief-stricken at the cruel death of their friend and master, only to see Him as they stop for the night in an Inn. (Luke 24 13-35)

And then there is the bewilderment of the group of followers, hiding from the authorities, as Jesus just ‘appears’. (Luke 24 v 36-48)

These are just some of the post-resurrection encounters, with more recorded in the other Gospels. These are not normal events, dead people just don’t come back to life. I do love to ponder what was going through the disciples minds at this point, because we realise just how very human, like us, they are.

It is in the midst of the Disciples shock, confusion, grief and fear that Jesus tells them, “You are witnesses of these things.” Luke 24 v 48.

What does this mean, both for them and for us, to be witness to these things? It is about recognising all the things that God, in Jesus, has done, is doing and will continue to do. Jesus brought in God’s reign in a new and dynamic way, directly into the hearts and minds of those who would welcome Him.

For the early followers of Jesus, he brought peace and hope. He also performed miracles, healing and feeding many people, and He challenged the authorities, both secular and religious, where power was being abused and people exploited. The new life that Jesus brought to the people, was Good News.

And what about us? We too are “witnesses of these things”. Jesus still brings new life and hope to those who believe and place their trust in Him. We witnesses in the way that we live our lives and in all we say and do. Some are called to be witnesses in their local community, in their homes, and places of work. But some, like most of the first Disciples and Apostles, are called to be witnesses elsewhere and to move on.

And so it is good to reflect and ask ourselves, “how am I a witness of these things?”

Yours, a partner in the witnessing of Jesus Christ,     Dave Bishop (Rev)