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Welcome to St James Church Brownhills with Ogley Hay

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:…” Ecclesiastes 3 v 1

I was reminded of this passage as I attended the Year 6 leaver’s assemblies at both Holy Trinity and St James.

These are sad and tearful occasions and in many ways we don’t want this be happen, and keep things as they are. This is true of many aspects of our lives – moving house, change of job, university, marriage.

Often, we like what we are doing and would like to keep it that way. Yet change is inevitable - getting older is an example of that despite the promises of many facial creams!

But change and moving on, though sad, need not necessarily be a bad thing, and frequently it is for the best. It is often through these moments that we grow, mature and develop as a person.

We can see this most clearly in children. For them to grow and develop into mature well-rounded adults they need to constantly move on, and changing schools is part of that. This is made all the more effective when done within a caring and loving family.

As Christians, our faith will only grow and mature through change and not to see it as a threat. We also need to remind ourselves that this is all done within a loving and caring relationship with our Father in Heaven.

So we need not fear change.  We can step out into an uncertain and unclear future, with a confidence that our Heavenly Father is with us and will use these to help us grow and mature.

Wishing you a restful summer break,

Yours in the service of Jesus    

                     Dave Bishop (Rev)